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How Merchants Can Benefit From A Same-Day ACH Check Processor

One way to get your cash quick is to accept cash. Another way – and the more logical way – for most merchants, is to have ACH check processing abilities. While companies such as offer this service, you may not be sure what it is – or why it is important that all merchants (even high risk merchants) have his service. Below are some FAQ’s about ACH check processing.

What is ACH processing?

ACH processing is a method of electronic payment where funds are transferred between accounts. ACH stands for the Automated Clearing House. ACH processing can also be referred to as EFT, or electronic funds transfer.

How is ACH different from an eCheck?

ACH Check processing is very similar to eChecks, or electronic checks. In ACH processing, funds are transferred from one bank account to another via either debit or credit. An eCheck is simply the electronic method of payment via a check in a one-time method. Both processes utilize routing and account numbers.

What can I use ACH processing for?

ACH processing is great for recurring payments, such as memberships, billing and subscriptions. ACH is used in many industries, including healthcare, government, utility providers and property management. Gyms and other programs that require dues often find ACH processing to be especially helpful.

Can I process only ACH transactions and not credit cards?

Certainly, you can. You are able to set up a merchant account only for ACH processing, just as you can with eChecks.

So, why should you ultimately use an ACH check processor? Well…

  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty – everyone’s looking for more options and greater convenience, and offering ACH processing is a great way to keep your customers coming back for more.
  • Save big – ACH/eCheck payments are significantly less expensive than credit card payments.
  • Electronic check processing will improve cash flow – less time running to the bank means more time running your business and doing what you do best.
  • Maximize your customer lifespan – customers with a recurring ACH/eCheck payment are far less likely to cancel their services. Since they don’t write a check or make a payment each month, recurring customers aren’t reminded of the expense and tend to continue making payments indefinitely.
  • Increase your efficiency – set up recurring payments once and let take it from there. They’ll do the legwork collecting your payments, saving you time and increasing your productivity.